Alleged drug dealer faces new charges

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Drug Charges

Individuals facing jail time for alleged drug crimes may find themselves charged with a variety of offenses. These charges may grow over time, depending on the nature of the case and whether police investigations uncover other related crimes.

A Florida man now faces this situation, as additional charges related to his alleged drug crimes recently came to light and may increase his prison sentence in the future.

Dealer sold from hotel room

According to News4Jax, the alleged drug dealer sold narcotics from a hotel room located in Clay County, including marijuana and crystal meth. Authorities arrested the man back in December of 2020 after a controlled purchase operation revealed he was dealing in cocaine as well. The man in question is currently incarcerated; however, recent court documents reveal that he may now face additional charges from other open narcotics cases.

Additional drug charges pending

The amount of drugs exchanged in the controlled purchase was quite small, but it is unknown whether the alleged dealer will face high-level charges due to the additional open cases that involve him. The extra charges he may face could increase his jail time, depending on when and if a jury convicts him of these crimes. The details of the other two open cases are as yet unknown.

Drug trade an issue in the area

Florida authorities and nearby residents of the hotel note that the hotel where the alleged dealer lived and sold drugs from is a well-known trafficking hub and that this arrest is not the first of its kind. Whether the accused individual conducted all of his sales from this hotel is unknown, but if convicted of all three charges, he could face life in prison.


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