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January 2011 Archives

Florida man arrested after 31 years of fleeing from the police

Law enforcement can be very aggressive in their pursuit of individuals suspected of federal drug crimes. This aggressiveness can continue long after an alleged crime occurred. This can be seen in the recent arrest of a 62-year-old Florida man who had allegedly been on the run ever since he was accused of crimes related to drug trafficking over 30 years ago.

Florida Official Says Fighting Fraud Will Be A Priority

The level of enforcement given to a specific crime can change over time. One thing that can cause such a change is when a high-ranking government official decides to make combating a certain type of crime a priority. Recently in Florida, one government official has singled out fraud as something his office will be putting an increased focus on.

Florida Man Sentenced For Fraud Involving Business Loans

Authorities can be very aggressive in their pursuit of fraud-related crimes. A lot media attention in Florida is given to the enforcement of real estate and health care fraud, because these are crimes that are seen as being particularly prevalent in this region.

Florida Court Sentences Miami Business Owner In Tax Evasion Case

Authorities can be aggressive in their prosecution of individuals suspected of tax fraud. This includes business owners who are suspected of trying to avoid paying business-related taxes. Recently, a tax evasion case concerning a business owner occurred in Florida.

Florida Man Arrested In Connection To Alleged Mortgage Fraud

Government authorities have recently been very aggressive in their pursuit of mortgage fraud. One example of this is the recent arrest of a Florida man in connection to an alleged mortgage fraud scheme.

Doctor Surrenders Medical License on Charges of Medicaid Fraud

Prosecutors have been aggressive in their pursuit of possible Medicaid and Medicare fraud. In this regard, a Miami-Dade County health care facility that provided services to individuals with infectious diseases has been under investigation. The Florida clinic, its two owners, an Iowa physician and a physician's assistant have all been accused of Medicaid fraud.

Reports Of Suspicious Mortgage Activity High In Florida

Mortgage and real estate fraud enforcement has increasingly become a priority for state and federal authorities. Some of this might be due to the publicity these types of crimes received after the mortgage crisis. Florida has received some of this media attention, as the state is seen as being a center for mortgage fraud crimes. This perception could increase following a recent report on mortgage fraud.

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