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December 2015 Archives

Alleged federal drug trafficking ring recently indicted

Drug sales and drug usage remains a concern for many Florida residents and others throughout the nation. Some have found themselves facing criminal charges regarding such issues. A group of people have recently been indicted in connection with charges stemming from suspected illegal drug activity. The federal drug trafficking incident apparently took place in another state. One woman and nine men were reportedly involved.

White collar crime apparently common among Florida street gangs

Images of street gangs often depict scenes of violence and stories of illicit activities that often lead to criminal charges against them. It has recently been reported that gangs in Florida have been participating in white collar crime throughout the state. There have been various thoughts and opinions offered on this seemingly new trend. However, no matter what statistics show with regard to gangs and criminal offenses like identity theft, the point remains that anyone accused of such crimes is entitled to legal representation under the law.

Facing accusations of federal drug trafficking in Florida

The penalties that a person convicted of crime in Florida incurs vary according the to laws that apply to the charges and the details of an individual situation. Some charges would carry more severe penalties if convicted than others. Federal drug trafficking crimes are typically among those that the state tends to prosecute most aggressively.

Former NFL star Titus Dixon cleared of Florida white collar crime

Being accused of a crime in Florida does not necessarily mean that one will be convicted. Every person is presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty by a judge or jury. In a recent white collar crime case, Titus Dixon, a former professional football player and Osceola County deputy, was cleared of the charges against him in court.

Officer accused of federal drug trafficking activity in uniform

Law enforcement agents in Florida and beyond are typically held to the highest standards of protocol and regulation in the line of duty. When a uniformed police officer is accused of a crime, it can be disturbing and stressful for all involved. In a recent case, allegations have been made against an officer in another state regarding alleged federal drug trafficking activity.

U.S. Corporation Services denies white collar crime allegations

Company owners in Florida and across the nation sometimes come under the FBI's radar if it is believed that they may be involved in criminal activity. Depending on the circumstances, an investigation may be brief or remain ongoing for months or longer. After years of investigation, allegations surfaced regarding white collar crime that suggested one corporation had set up shell companies to be used for fraudulent purposes.

Former officer sentenced for his role in federal drug trafficking

Accusations of criminal drug-related activity are not always confined to everyday citizens. There have been incidents when uniformed law enforcement agents in Florida or elsewhere in the United States have been named as participants in federal drug trafficking crimes. Understandably, a person facing such charges has his or her personal and professional reputation on the line.

Facing allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud in Florida

Some Florida doctors and/or other health care providers find themselves facing allegations of insurance fraud. This type of white collar crime can have serious consequences if the person accused is actually convicted in court. There are some situations, however, where an experienced criminal lawyer is able to defend a client successfully against accusations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

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