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June 2015 Archives

Office of Fiscal Integrity stops white collar crime in Florida

Two Florida residents have been charged with 47 felonies between them. A white collar crime scheme is said to have been discovered and halted before any money was lost. The state's CFO praised the efforts of the Office of Fiscal Integrity for uncovering the alleged plot before any serious damage was done.

Florida man admits possession of federal drug trafficking items

A recent incident occurred in Florida that began with deputies from a local sheriff's department receiving a call to investigate a possible trespassing. Upon responding to the call, deputies gained information that resulted in an arrest being made. What began as a case of suspected trespassing ended with charges being filed against one man. When a person faces state or federal drug trafficking charges, he or she might have reason to consult with an attorney.

Florida tax evasion conviction can result in prison time and fine

When a Florida resident is accused of committing a crime involving fraudulent behavior with regard to taxes, he or she faces the possibility of standing trial and serving time in prison if convicted. Tax evasion is one of the most common fraud charges litigated in court. There are a number of circumstances that would include tax fraud.

Florida mortgage fraud case surpasses statute of limitations

According to recent reports, a female agent of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) obtained a divorce in 2009 from her husband, a police officer. She was later accused of mortgage fraud by allegedly signing bank papers in 2010 as though she were still married to the man she had divorced. The woman is no longer able to be tried for the alleged offenses.

Seeking legal defense for federal drug trafficking in Florida

Any person in Florida who finds themselves facing criminal charges of any nature is protected by law with the right to consult legal counsel in the matter. In cases of federal drug trafficking charges, a person who stands accused can incur severe penalties if convicted. It is, therefore, most often prudent to entrust oneself to the guidance of an attorney who has experience in criminal defense of those charged with drug related crimes at the federal level.

Global soccer body embroiled in huge corruption scandal, Part 2

As we noted in our immediately preceding blog post, global soccer is under a strong international spotlight. Although that is of course nothing new, the intense focus that is presently affixed upon the sport is not, as usual, on its mega superstars.

Ball rolls wrong way for FIFA: multiple indictments issue

Miami is a bastion of big-time sports, with an avid fan base spanning many millions of viewers. It is likely that, with the ever-growing momentum it is forging in the United States, professional soccer will one day become a huge draw throughout South Florida.

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