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January 2013 Archives

Miami Therapist Gets Four Years In Prison For Medicare Fraud

The legal fallout from the activities of the mental health care company American Therapeutic Corporation continued this week, as a Miami-area therapist was sentenced to 48 months in prison. The Medicare fraud scheme has been connected to $205 million in improper Medicare payments. The sentence was handed down in the Southern District of Florida.

$8.5 Million In Restitution Ordered In Mortgage Fraud Case

Four defendants who were found guilty and sentenced in September have finally received a restitution order. A mortgage fraud case involving five defendants yielded a substantial restitution order in the Northern District of Florida this week. Four of the defendants were held jointly responsible for more than $8.5 million in damages stemming from mortgage fraud involving ten properties. The fifth defendant was held jointly responsible for more than $2.4 million in damages attached to three of those properties.

White Collar Crime: What We'll See In 2013, Part 2

Our last post introduced the four big categories that experts believe will dominate white collar crime developments in the upcoming year. These broad categories include LIBOR manipulation cases (discussed in the previous post), corruption and bribery, insider trading, and misconduct by rogue traders.

White Collar Crime: What We'll See In 2013, Part 1

The last year saw a number of large-scale white collar crime prosecutions around the nation. For example, criminal cases centered on a rogue trader's risky loss of $2.3 billion while a number of medical companies ran into trouble for corruption and bribery. As professor Peter Henning wrote in the New York Times, the development of a major white-collar crime case in 2013 is simply "a question of when."

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