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July 2011 Archives

From drug smuggling to Medicare fraud

After serving five years for drug smuggling and money laundering, a Miami man turned his attention to the health care business. He now faces charges stemming from more than $7 million in fraudulent Medicare claims. He established his wife as the corporate officer of record to obtain a Medicare provider number and avoid any concerns about his criminal record.

Florida's Drug Abuse and Prevention Control law declared unconstitutional

Prior to Wednesday, a defendant could be convicted of a drug offense even if he or she did not knowingly sell or distribute drugs in Florida. But thanks to a recent ruling by a Florida federal judge, this should no longer be the case.

Florida mental health service provider settles health care fraud case

A Florida-based mental health services provider recently reached a settlement with federal prosecutors after a former employee submitted hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent health care claims.

Federal officials use new tool to track Medicare fraud

Florida has long been considered the leader in fraudulent Medicare billing. A Medicare fraud strike force used the results obtained in South Florida to launch a new computer system designed to identify questionable Medicare claims. The system, which will be used nationwide, has the potential to implicate countless medical facilities around the country in Medicare fraud scams.

Florida completes unusual "dual prosecution" for embezzlement

The Florida man convicted of grand theft for embezzling roughly $15 million from Marian Gardens Tree Farm was recently given a 12 year sentence in Florida Circuit Court. The white collar crime prosecution is unusual because the man had already been convicted and sentenced to 8 years in prison as part of a federal criminal prosecution in 2009. This so-called "dual prosecution" is highly unusual.

Fannie Mae and the Taylor Bean mortgage fraud case

The legal actions surrounding Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. may be over as a judge sentenced former chairman and principal owner to 30 years in prison. While the criminal prosecution may be over for Taylor Bean officials, the fallout continues surrounding the $3 billion dollar mortgage fraud scheme. It appears that executives at the government-sponsored entity Fannie Mae were aware of fraudulent activity as early as 2000. The officials at that company made no report of the criminal activity simply withdrew from doing further business with Taylor Bean. Much of that business was then transitioned to fellow government-sponsored entity Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac has filed a claim as a creditor in Taylor Bean's bankruptcy case for $1.8 billion dollars.

Florida Representative investigated for Medicare fraud

Following the inquiry into the actions of her son, Gregory Campbell, Florida lawmaker Daphne Campbell is now being investigated. Her son stands accused of Medicaid fraud in connection with nearly $300,000 in allegedly fraudulent claims for state funds. In this case, investigators with the state attorney general's office are reviewing payments made by the state to the health care facilities that Campbell co-ran with her husband, Hubert.

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