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September 2015 Archives

Facing federal drug trafficking charges in Florida?

The penalties under conviction for some criminal offenses are more severe than others. In Florida and across the country, federal drug trafficking crimes incur some of the most serious consequences possible in the legal system. It is advisable to seek the help of a legal professional in such cases who can develop a strong defense strategy and offer sound counsel and effective representation in court.

Florida white collar crime involves finance manager

A Florida police officer recently explained that when someone is purchasing an automobile and fills out documentation that includes personal information, the car dealer finance manager gains possession of that information once a customer leaves the office. In a recent case, a man employed in such a position has been accused of white collar crime, using customer information to make fraudulent purchases by phone. Reports indicate that it is not the first time the man has been accused of this type of criminal activity.

Florida among states involved in federal drug trafficking case

Ten people were recently arrested in Florida and several other states in connection with a drug-related case. The group of people are accused of being part of a federal drug trafficking ring. The drugs that were allegedly being trafficked were steroids.

Accused of white collar crime in Florida?

Being accused of criminal wrongdoing can have an immediate and long-lasting effect on a person's private and business reputation. In Florida, as in all other states, a person is presumed innocent of all charges unless proved otherwise in court. Therefore, it is typically prudent to seek guidance from an experienced legal professional in the area when one has been arrested or charged with a white collar crime.

Murder charge and federal drug trafficking conviction in Florida

Anyone arrested or charged with a crime in Florida or any other state has a right to seek legal representation in the matter before proceeding to court. In a recent case, a man was recently convicted of federal drug trafficking. The same man is also slated to face a murder charge in connection with a separate drug incident.

Florida white collar crime on the increase

Florida seems to be the hub of a certain type of criminal activity in recent years. Identity theft is a type of white collar crime that some say has reached epidemic proportions in the state. Out of every 100,000 residents in Miami, more than 300 claimed to be a victim of stolen identity in 2013 and 2014.

Florida doctor named in alleged Medicare and Medicaid fraud

A doctor in Florida recently entered a plea in federal court after being accused of breaking the law regarding treatment he is said to have provided to expatriates of the United States in another country. Authorities claimed that the doctor unlawfully billed the Medicare program in the United States after charging the patients for his professional services. The man's son was reportedly also involved in a Medicare and Medicaid fraud scheme earlier in 2015.

What to do when accused of tax evasion in Florida

When facing federal criminal charges, Florida residents will want to make certain that they have retained adequate legal representation as they prepare to face the charges against them. Some Floridians have found themselves engulfed in complicated circumstances involving allegations of tax evasion. In order to prepare an aggressive and effective defense strategy, it is crucial to enlist the help of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Multiple arrests made in Florida white collar crime case

On a recent Wednesday night, multiple arrests were made in conjunction with a suspected fraud ring in Florida. The white collar crime suspects were apprehended at two different locations. The total number of persons arrested in the case was seven.

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