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September 2016 Archives

Authorities hope federal drug trafficking suspects will help them

When a person faces criminal charges in a Florida court, the penalties incurred for conviction vary according to particular circumstances and laws associated with such situations. It also matters greatly whether charges were brought at state or federal levels. In a recent situation, a man and woman were charged with federal drug trafficking. Authorities have stated they hope the suspects will now aid them in further investigations.

Fighting federal drug trafficking charges tough without help

Prosecutors are often quite aggressive in their pursuits to convict those accused of drug-related crimes. Fighting against federal drug trafficking charges is challenging, to say the least. However, in Florida and elsewhere, it is often possible to avoid conviction and move forward toward a successful future by enlisting the assistance of an experienced defense attorney.

Mortgage fraud issues regarding home purchases in Florida

It is unlawful to misrepresent or omit necessary information on an application for a mortgage loan in Florida or elsewhere in the United States. Mortgage fraud often includes money laundering issues, matters concerning electronic bank transfers or postal transactions. Being charged with such crimes is a serious matter that may land someone behind bars if a conviction is handed down in court.

Task force conducts federal drug trafficking raid, four arrested

Nearly every day, news regarding drug investigations circulates throughout the nation. Being charged with federal drug trafficking in Florida or another state is a serious matter that tends to be prosecuted quite aggressively. A recent investigation included a raid that resulted in four arrests.

Florida congresswoman still facing tax evasion problems

Florida Congresswoman Corinne Brown has recently been in the news for reasons other than political accomplishment. On a recent Wednesday, she appeared in court with a new attorney by her side. His services have been retained to assist the politician in her defense against more than 20 counts of tax evasion and fraud.

Police suddenly fall ill during federal drug trafficking raid

Many sudden, unexpected circumstances can arise when police enter a residence to conduct a search. While some federal drug trafficking situations develop without issue, others quickly become dangerous or even life-threatening to those involved. Recently, a SWAT team outside Florida faced challenges they had never before encountered on the job.

Federal drug trafficking investigation continues after bust

When persons in Florida are charged with drug-related crimes, they have every right to fight against those charges in court. Federal drug trafficking charges, in particular, are typically prosecuted quite aggressively. The chances of obtaining a positive outcome when presenting a defense may be increased by acting alongside an experienced criminal defense attorney.

White collar crime can mean many things

Whether in Florida, or elsewhere throughout the nation, being charged with criminal wrongdoing can have immediate consequences, even while one is still presumed innocent. The term, "white collar crime" refers to many different types of unlawful activities, but is typically defined as non-violent offenses perpetrated for financial gain. Such crimes may include, but are not limited to, electronic wire fraud, tax evasion or identity theft.

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