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March 2016 Archives

Suspected federal drug trafficking in Florida

The potential penalties for drug-related crimes typically vary according the type of charges filed and the amount and type of drugs involved. Federal drug trafficking is a serious charge in Florida that is aggressively prosecuted. Acting quickly to build a strong and focused defense is advisable to anyone facing such circumstances.

Man suspected of federal drug trafficking arrested in Florida

Those arrested for drug-related crimes in Florida or in other states sometimes secure a reduction of charges or a lesser sentence if convicted by agreeing to offer substantial assistance to authorities. This means that the defendant would aid authorities in their federal drug trafficking investigation or somehow assist in the prosecution of another person. A recent incident occurred where police arrested a man who had allegedly agreed to help federal authorities in another state.

Head of biker club named in federal drug trafficking case

Many arrests occur in Florida that involve drug-related activities. Anyone charged with federal drug trafficking understands that he/she will be going up against an aggressive prosecution, most likely seeking maximum penalties if a conviction is rendered. A person in such circumstances is strongly advised to retain the legal help of a highly experienced criminal defense attorney.

Seeking legal options re white collar crime charges in Florida

Along-side man's progress regarding modern technology has come an increase of allegations of illegal activities via use of various systems and products. Being charged with white collar crime in Florida or elsewhere is a serious matter that is best addressed through appropriate legal guidance. Depending on the circumstances of an individual situation, a person accused of such crimes may be facing a possible prison sentence or substantial monetary fine.

How to handle a traffic stop without making it worse

If you are the opinion that being stopped by the police is unpleasant, you are certainly not alone. Indeed, being accused of breaking the law is hard enough. Being questioned about your whereabouts, if you knew how fast you were going, and whether you have been drinking can lead to disaster.

Doctor accused of federal drug trafficking finally free

An ordeal lasting more than four years has finally come to an end in Florida. The situation was borne out of federal drug trafficking charges for which an 81-year-old former clinic doctor was indicted in 2011. He and his family recently rejoiced when the court declared him not guilty of all but one charge against him.

Man in Florida sentenced for white collar crime

Facing high-profile federal charges in Florida or anywhere is obviously a serious matter. The mere fact that white collar crime charges have been filed, however, does not necessarily mean that a conviction will be handed down in court. That is why it is often crucial to retain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has gone to bat for defendants at both state and federal levels in order to build a strong defense and obtain as positive a legal outcome as possible.

Heroin hotline allegedly used for federal drug trafficking

Anyone accused of a drug crime in Florida understands the serious impact it can have on one's life. Events leading up to an arrest can be stressful, especially when law enforcement agents have conducted a search of a person's vehicle or residence. Facing federal drug trafficking charges brings about immediate and potentially long-term changes in a person's life.

Mormon church leader accused of white collar crime

In certain circumstances, a person accused of criminal wrongdoing may be held in jail pending trial. This interim time could be very stressful if a defendant is unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and worried about the legal process ahead. It may help alleviate stress to discuss one's situation with a defense attorney, who can explain the law and offer guidance as to how best to proceed in court. A recent incident outside Florida involves a church leader being held in jail for suspected white collar crime.

Tax evasion investigation: Why it is important to act quickly

If you become aware that you are the subject of a federal investigation, it is advisable to retain legal assistance as soon as possible. The federal government is typically very aggressive in its prosecution of alleged tax evasion and other fraud claims. Whether you are a business owner, private resident, accountant or entrepreneur, if you have been accused of a tax crime in Florida, you will want to act alongside the guidance of a criminal lawyer who has successfully defended others facing similar issues.

11 accept pleas, 1 will face trial for federal drug trafficking

In a recent high-profile Florida case, the son of a Miami-Dade county lobbyist is slated to face trial for drug-related offenses. Eleven others have apparently already accepted plea agreements in the federal drug trafficking case. However, the 30-year-old law student opted for trial rather than accepting a plea bargain. 

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