International Crimes

International criminal defense is one of the complicated areas of law there is. Further, when the crossing of international borders is part of a criminal charge, the stakes are extremely high. You could be looking at years in prison and other penalties. Do not take these charges lightly.

In international criminal defense matters, there is no substitute for experience. Few lawyers in the world can boast the level of experience in international criminal law of Frank Rubino To discuss your case with Mr. Rubino, call 866-718-3994.

From his law offices in Miami and Houston, he has provided defense in some of the most high-profile international criminal cases in recent history. He has argued before the World Court in The Hague, the International Court of Justice, the United States Supreme Court, and many other high-level courts across the world.

Focusing On High-profile Cases

Mr. Rubino has an impressive list of past successes in international criminal law. Clients of Mr. Rubino’s have included:

  • General Manuel A. Noriega of Panama
  • General Mounir Fahmy, head of the Egyptian Air Force, who was acquitted on attempting to export 400 TOW missiles to Uganda
  • Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, the Libyan accused of the Pan Am bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland, who was acquitted in the International Criminal Court.
  • Michael Francois of Haiti

Attorney Rubino is known throughout the world for his work in international criminal law. He is the resident international criminal expert for CNN and Fox News. He has handled cases for clients across South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He has argued in the courts of many Central and South American countries, including Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Prepared To Defend Clients Against A Wide Range Of Charges

Mr. Rubino has experience in a wide range of international criminal charges and provides experienced criminal defense for any international crime, including:

  • White collar crime litigation, including tax fraud trials, Medicare fraud, securities fraud, business fraud and theft, and more.
  • Money laundering
  • Arms trafficking
  • Internet or computer crimes
  • Drug smuggling
  • Public corruption

International criminal defense is extremely complicated, often requiring specialized knowledge of laws in multiple jurisdictions and countries. Only a lawyer with extensive experience in international criminal law should be trusted. Mr. Rubino is prepared to handle all aspects of your case, including extradition and asset forfeiture; he also has experience with cases involving Interpol.

A Track Record You Can Trust

In his 30-year career, Frank Rubino has gained acquittals for clients around the world. Contact us online, or call 866-718-3994 to speak with him about your case.

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