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April 2012 Archives

Appeals court affirms Florida man's jail term for bribery, tax crime

A doctor who is serving a prison sentence some would call lengthy given his crime recently had his attempt to reduce his sentence denied. Alan Mendelsohn has been in prison for four years because he was convicted of tax fraud. Although no one is saying that what he did is okay, some have questioned whether the judge in Mendelsohn's case overstepped his bounds.

2 mortgage industry executives plead guilty to fraud

A 38-year-old woman who ran a pair of mortgage title and loan processing companies in Boca Raton pleaded guilty to five counts related to what prosecutors said was a scheme to sell properties in Florida to straw buyers and collect more than the cost of the homes from the lender than was needed. The defendant could be sentenced to up to 140 years in prison, though given her guilty plea, it is possible that she has reached a plea bargain with the federal prosecutors pursuing the case.

Medicare fraud trial against American Therapeutic underway

Seven defendants, mostly medical professionals, are standing trial for what federal prosecutors claim was a scheme to put patients in group therapy who could not benefit from the treatment in order to bill Medicare. The trial, which began on April 11, is another prong in the Justice Department's aggressive prosecution of employees of American Therapeutic Corp., a Miami-based chain of mental health clinics.

Hospital Settles Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Case

The Justice Department and the Department of Health and Human Services concluded that the Good Samaritan Hospital used leading questions in determining that some patients were suffering from malnutrition. Federal investigators accused the hospital of committing Medicaid and Medicare fraud based on the enhanced reimbursement rate the hospital could claim for patients due to the malnutrition finding. The hospital agreed to pay nearly $800,000 in penalties to settle the matter while stating, "We have provided the highest level of quality care to our patients in accordance with all laws and regulations."

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