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July 2016 Archives

Jerry Sandusky associate pleads guilty to federal tax evasion

Facing federal tax charges in Florida or any other state is obviously a very serious matter. A legal representative of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was recently faced with such issues and has reportedly entered a guilty plea in court. The incident stems from a tax evasion situation that is said to have occurred over the span of four years.

Agents say man gave federal drug trafficking advice to others

An incident occurred in Florida recently that involves millions of dollars and a number of accusations regarding drug-related activities. One man has been accused of federal drug trafficking and money laundering. He has also been charged with several other felonies after police paid a visit to his home.

Major federal drug trafficking bust in Florida

Nearly 20 people have been arrested in what appears to be a major drug bust in Florida. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says the group was involved in a federal drug trafficking scheme. Those arrested now face a variety of charges, including possession and trafficking methamphetamine.

Florida executive arrested for Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

An executive in Florida has been arrested for what federal agents are calling one of the largest fraud schemes in the nation's history. Medicare and Medicaid fraud is apparently problematic in many areas throughout the United States. In this instance, authorities claim to have disbanded a scheme that had profits of more than $1 billion.

Agents seize plane in federal drug trafficking investigation

A plane supposedly worth more than $500,000 dollars was recently seized by federal agents. Authorities claim the plane belongs to a well-known drug trafficker and that it was used to transport cocaine to the United States from other countries, leading to the federal drug trafficking charges. The plane's supposed owner was allegedly living as a fugitive outside of Florida for 20 years before police working together from several countries caught up with him.

Fighting federal drug trafficking charges in Florida

There is a lot at stake when the federal government files charges against a person in Florida or elsewhere. Particularly in situations involving federal drug trafficking allegations, a man or woman who becomes a suspect risks damaging his or her reputation, and he or she will likely face serious penalties if convicted in court. Typically, a key factor toward minimizing the potential negative effects such a situation may have on one's future hinges upon aggressive and experienced criminal defense assistance.

Federal drug trafficking charges in Florida may impede a career

A 40-year-old Florida man from Brevard County is currently facing accusations of drug crimes. The high school football coach has been accused of federal drug trafficking, including allegations of possession with intent to distribute. Few details of the charges were provided in a media report announcing the arrest.

Federal agents accuse man of white collar crime in Florida

A Florida man was recently accused by federal authorities of a massive fraud scheme. The allegations of white collar crime involve identity theft, wire and bank fraud, including the theft of more than $2 million in cash. He now faces a 36 count indictment involving alleged losses that could reach as high as $3 million.

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