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April 2016 Archives

Federal drug trafficking and indoor pot growing businesses

In some states, though not in Florida, it is legal to grow marijuana. However, even though state law sometimes allows it, it remains illegal in all 50 states at the federal level. In certain circumstances, especially when federal drug trafficking is suspected, federal agents may move in to make a drug bust in a state where manufacturing the drug is allowed.

High-profile tax evasion charges necessitate strong defense

In Florida and throughout the United States, many people face white collar crime charges after being made subject to federal investigations. Tax evasion is among the most common allegations. When the stakes are high in situations involving federal charges, it is often crucial to build as strong a defense as possible to minimize the potential negative impact a trial (and possible conviction) may have on one's future.

Federal drug trafficking bust at sea results in 4 arrests

Although every person accused of a crime in Florida is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise by a judge or jury, it is typically wise to secure competent legal guidance when preparing a defense against federal charges. Federal drug trafficking and other serious crimes can lead to long prison terms, substantial fines and other heavy penalties, if a conviction is rendered. In a recent alleged drug bust at sea, four people were arrested following a federal raid.

Florida state representative indicted for white collar crime

When facing serious charges in a federal court, experienced and aggressive legal defense is often a key factor in obtaining a positive outcome. Charges involving white collar crime in Florida are quite serious and much may be at stake for the accused. Often, a defendant's reputation is on the line, and a highly publicized situation may have a very negative impact on a person's family life.

Men charged with white collar crime in Florida

Accusations involving tax fraud sometimes include the filing of false documents, often as part of an alleged scheme to evade the payment of taxes due. A person charged with this type of white collar crime may face substantial monetary fines and extended time in prison, if convicted. In Florida and all other states, attorneys who are experienced in defending clients against federal criminal charges such as these are an invaluable resource.

Many convicted of federal drug trafficking to be set free

Charges of drug-related crimes are often filed against people in Florida and other states across the nation. Being accused of federal drug trafficking is obviously a serious matter that can have a long-lasting negative impact on a person's private and professional life. Those convicted may face sentences that include years behind bars.

Preparing for a white collar crime trial in Florida

No one wants to face federal charges in court. However, if a person is involved in a situation that results in such charges being filed, it is often beneficial to retain immediate and experienced legal representation in the matter. The penalties, if convicted of a white collar crime, can be very severe and an experienced attorney can help determine how best to proceed to obtain a positive outcome in one of Florida's federal courtrooms.

Combat veteran accused of federal drug trafficking in Florida

Those in Florida accused of drug-related crimes often face many legal challenges as they proceed through the judicial system. Federal drug trafficking is a serious offense for which a convicted defendant may get extended time in prison, as well as incur substantial monetary fines. It is always advisable to retain legal representation to build a strong and aggressive defense.

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