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April 2011 Archives

Prescription drug trafficking a big problem in Florida

The federal government is targeting painkiller abuse in its latest efforts to combat drug crime in America. Federal drug trafficking officials have identified Florida as the top supplier in the nation. State officials are also stepping up their efforts to combat the so-called "pill mills."

Florida attorney acquitted in mortgage loan scam case

The federal government expends significant resources investigating and prosecuting cases involving housing industry crime. Anyone thought to be involved in a scheme to defraud a bank or other party to a mortgage may find themselves charged in federal court. A person accused of mortgage fraud, bank fraud or real estate fraud faces severe penalties if convicted.

Former chairman of Florida company convicted of bank fraud

Being accused of being involved in a major bank fraud scheme can result in a person facing severe consequences. Such accusations can lead to a person facing numerous criminal charges. A person can receive harsh criminal penalties if they are convicted of these types of charges. These penalties could include a large jail sentence.

Owners of FL health care company plead guilty to Medicare fraud

A person can face serious consequences if they are convicted of Medicare fraud. What specific sentence a person in this circumstance will face can be influenced by a variety of factors. One of these factors is the monetary amount of the fraud the person was convicted of. This can be seen in a recent Medicare fraud case from Florida.

Man pleads guilty to charge related to hidden offshore account

The U.S. government has recently been increasing its efforts to combat tax evasion involving offshore bank accounts. Thus, being accused of hiding an offshore account from the IRS can have severe consequences for a U.S. taxpayer. A taxpayer can face serious penalties if he or she is convicted of committing this type of tax crime.

Tax preparer sentenced in tax fraud case

Tax preparers often have a variety of skills and knowledge regarding tax matters. A tax preparer can face severe consequences if he or she is accused of using these skills and this knowledge to commit tax crimes such as tax evasion or tax fraud. For example, a tax preparer can receive a harsh criminal sentence, such as a long jail term, if he or she is convicted of committing such crimes.

Guilty plea made by optometrist in tax evasion case

When a person is accused of using an offshore business to commit tax evasion, he or she can face serious criminal charges. Being found guilty of these charges can have major consequences. For example, a tax evasion conviction can result in a person facing jail time.

Man pleads guilty in Florida investment fraud case

As of recent, the media and the government have been giving a fair amount of attention to financial crimes like investment fraud. Thus, the consequences of being convicted of these crimes can be quite great. This can be seen in a recent fraud case from Florida.

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