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March 2011 Archives

Guilty plea made by rapper in tax evasion case

Sometimes, tax evasion cases will end with a plea agreement being reached, rather than a trial. These agreements generally involve prosecutors promising some form of leniency, such as a dropping of certain charges or a lower sentence recommendation, in exchange for a suspect submitting a guilty plea. Recently, a plea agreement was reached in a criminal tax case involving a man who has a career as a rapper and an actor.

Tax preparer accused of scamming clients and committing tax fraud

Tax preparers can face serious consequences if they are accused of defrauding clients or committing tax fraud in connection to the tax returns they prepare for clients. Being convicted of charges related to these kinds of fraud can result in a person facing severe criminal penalties, such as a jail sentence.

Reality TV star given tax evasion sentence

A person can face heavy punishments if he or she is convicted of hiding income from the U.S. government. One type of income a person can get in trouble with the government for hiding is prize income. This can be seen in a recent tax evasion sentence that was given to a former reality television show participant.

Woman sentenced for role in tax fraud scheme

An individual can face harsh punishments if he or she is found guilty of falsely filing tax returns under someone else's name in order to fraudulently receive tax credits. These punishments can include jail time and monetary fines. A woman has recently received both of these punishments in an Alabama criminal tax case.

Woman who worked for IRS accused of tax fraud

Federal authorities are often aggressive in their investigations of alleged tax fraud schemes. And, it is not only the taxpayers who supposedly benefited from alleged fraud schemes that can face criminal charges. Authorities will also generally pursue charges against individuals who are suspected of helping taxpayers fraudulently receive tax benefits. These individuals can include tax preparers or even people who worked for the IRS. This can be seen in a tax fraud case which has recently arisen in Georgia.

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