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December 2010 Archives

Man Arrested For Smuggling Drugs Using Easter Eggs

Hearing a news story about a drug bust is not terribly unusual. However, it is somewhat strange to hear of a drug arrest involving Easter eggs. Such a drug trafficking arrest recently happened to a Florida man.

Offshore Account Case In Florida Results In Guilty Plea

We have discussed in the past how the IRS has begun to develop new methods to detect offshore bank accounts used by taxpayers. A recent federal case brought in Miami demonstrates a couple of potential new tactics the U.S. government may be using to pursue offshore accounts-related tax evasion.

Florida Man Sentenced In Medicare Fraud Case

We have mentioned in the past how health care fraud investigations can result in more than one person being charged for an alleged crime. Sometimes, investigations of health care fraud schemes can grow quite large, leading to many arrests and charges.

Bloody Nose Leads To Florida Couple Being Arrested For Fraud

Law enforcement uses a wide variety of sources and tools in pursuing individuals accused of crimes. Thus, information which leads to an arrest can sometimes come from an unusual series of events. This can be seen in a recent white collar crimes case, where a bloody nose and a pacemaker led to the arrest of a Florida couple.

Miami Man Faces Charges In Connection To Health Care Fraud

Health care fraud prosecutions can involve much more than one set of charges brought against one person or company. Authorities often won't just pursue charges against those believed to be the main perpetrators of a fraud, but also against others connected to the fraud. This can be seen in the most recent set of charges brought in relation to a Florida health care fraud case.

Florida Man Arrested For Real Estate Fraud

There has recently been a lot of attention given to mortgage and real estate fraud in Florida. Stories of alleged fraud appear regularly in both the national and Florida media. An example of such a story is the recent arrest of a Florida man for real estate fraud.

Founder of Online Company Charged With Fraud

As authorities put a greater focus on pursuing fraud cases, they will start to look to new places to find potential prosecutions. One such place is the internet. Prosecutors have begun to look more closely at internet companies as potential sources of fraud schemes. This is demonstrated by a recent case involving a Florida man.

DEA Uses Its Emergency Power to Ban Synthetic Marijuana

The DEA has many tools available to it in its investigations of suspected drug crimes. Last week, the DEA demonstrated one of its more powerful tools, its emergency power. It used this power to place a temporary ban on a product called synthetic marijuana. Due to this ban, this product is now subject to federal drug possession and trafficking laws.

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