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August 2011 Archives

Supreme Court to Examine Eyewitness Testimony

The U.S. Supreme Court has not looked at the issue of eyewitness testimony since 1977 but it will consider the question of what the Constitution has to say about it again this November. This time, the court will be able to consider decades of social science research into the subject of the reliability of human memory and observation.

Mortgage fraud arrests still rising

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently acknowledged that one of its most targeted activities is still on the rise. According to the FBI's year-in-review report on mortgage fraud, the instances of fraudulent behavior have increased despite fewer home sales. The depressed housing market and continued failings in bank underwriting policies have contributed to this increase. Last year, there were 23% more foreclosures than in 2008. It is unclear what percentage of this increase can be attributed to mortgage fraud.

Florida doctor not guilty of Medicare fraud

Last February, 111 people from across the country were charged after investigation by a Medicare fraud strike force. The action was the largest Medicare fraud bust in history. It involved more than 700 law enforcement officials targeting a range of actions they claimed defrauded the Medicare program of more than $225 million.

$1 billion settlement reached between mutual fund company and Madoff trustee

As part of the fallout of Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme, the court-appointed trustee has been trying to recoup money from a number of mutual fund and hedge fund companies that made billions off of the Ponzi scheme in order to pay back Madoff's victims.

Mortgage industry continues robo-signing documents

Over eight months ago mortgage companies and giant banks across the nation promised to clean up their acts when it came to mortgage documents. As the housing bubble burst, and the mortgage industry collapsed, many large lenders and banks came under scrutiny for their foreclosure practices.

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