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When facing criminal charges, the stakes are high. With the possibility of serious jail time and fines with a conviction, you need to do everything you can to fight against these charges aggressively. The first and most important decision you have to make involves your choice for legal counsel. With this much at stake, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer who knows how to win the big cases.

Attorney Frank Rubino has handled numerous complex, high-profile cases, including the defense of Gen. Manuel Noriega from Panama. Even if you are facing serious or complex criminal charges, Mr. Rubino knows how to handle the pressure and complexity to protect your rights in the courtroom. Call attorney Frank Rubino for a consultation. 866-718-3994.

From his home office in Miami, Florida, Mr. Rubino defends clients against a wide range of nonviolent crime charges throughout the United States and internationally. He will do anything possible to get you the outcome you need.

Drug Crimes

Attorney Rubino represents clients in all types of drug crime charges. Complex and high-stakes drug charges like drug trafficking and importation from Columbia and Mexico, as well as narcotrafficking from Panama, all require serious representation from an experienced lawyer.

Attorney Frank Rubino has nearly 40 years of criminal law experience. He knows the penalties for federal drug trafficking convictions and related crimes, and he can help defend your rights.

Fraud And Financial Crimes

Among the most common types of so-called “white collar crimes” are fraud and other financial crimes. Charges of this kind are usually extremely serious with significant penalties attached to convictions. In addition to money laundering and identity theft, attorney Frank Rubino handles defense of charges involving Ponzi schemes, securities fraud and other financial crimes.

For businesses and individuals alike, a charge involving tax fraud has severe possible consequences and requires strong defense from an experienced financial crimes defense attorney.

Medicare Fraud

More than ever before, the federal government has been charging and prosecuting Medicare fraud charges aggressively. Attorney Frank Rubino represents providers of Medicare-covered services in cases involving Medicare billing audits, durable-medical equipment (DME) schemes and other related charges.

International Crimes

Dealing with international crime charges is not something most people have experience with. Perhaps more than any other area, arms trafficking and other international crime charges require in-depth knowledge and experience.

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