Types of high-level drug cases

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Title: Types of high-level drug cases

High-level drug cases usually involve serious sentences, which means you must take such charges seriously.

At Frank A. Rubino, Esq, we know that you deserve to understand the charges against you and the potential sentence that you face. There is no time to delay once you face charges as these cases are often complicated and require a lot of attention to build an effective defense.

International cases

Drug cases can easily become intermingled with international issues. For example, if your charges involve transporting drugs across the border of two countries, it may become an international case where both countries want to prosecute you.

The involvement of another country can complicate matters as laws vary greatly. It will become important for you to try to remove the international aspect or at least have representation that is familiar with international cases and law.

Federal cases

Federal laws often differ from state laws, especially when concerning drugs. Perhaps the most obvious way is how many states have made marijuana legal but under federal law, it is still illegal. This can lead to you facing federal charges for something that is legal within your state.

In addition, federal cases work differently than state cases because the federal government has more resources to use in your case than the state. This may mean things move more swiftly and the evidence against you is stronger.

State cases

Most drug charges will come from the state. It can become tricky if you face charges in another state because of the variances in state laws. As with federal charges, you could face a drug case for doing something that is legal in your state but illegal in the state bringing charges.

Drug cases can be quite complex, so we want you to visit our website to learn more about how we can help you with your case.

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