Common types of white collar crime

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White-collar crime covers a range of non-violent offenses committed by people or groups to make money. Knowing about the different types of white-collar crime is important for everyone.


Fraud involves tricking others out of money. It includes lying on insurance claims, faking documents, or taking steps to receive money through deception.


Embezzlement happens when a person takes money or property that they are supposed to manage and then uses it for themselves. This can happen in companies where employees or managers take money from the business.

Insider trading

Insider trading happens when a person trades stocks or other investments based on secret information they have about a company. This is against the law because it is unfair to other investors.

Money laundering

Money laundering disguises money that a person earned illegally. This can happen when a person moves money through different accounts and businesses to cover up where it came from.


Bribery happens when a person offers something valuable to influence another person’s decision. For example, one person might give another money to ignore a serious problem.

Identity theft

Identity theft is when someone takes personal information from another person. They can use this information, like credit card numbers, to pretend to be someone else, receive money, or buy items.


Cybercrime occurs online and includes hacking, tricking people into giving out their personal information, and stealing money electronically.

These are just a few examples of the many types of white-collar crimes. By knowing about these crime types, everyone can take steps to avoid actions that may unintentionally get them involved in one.

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