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June 2016 Archives

Federal drug trafficking and other Florida drug crimes

Florida is a popular vacation spot, and it is also home to many retirees and others who have come in search of sunshine and recreation. Amidst the many adventurous activities the state has to offer tourists and residents, there seems to be an ongoing issue with federal drug trafficking and other drug crimes in the state. A recent incident involved a St. Petersburg man whose vehicle seems to have attracted the notice of nearby police officers.

Major white collar crime bust in Florida

Federal investigations often lead to serious charges against one or more individuals. A recent incident involved a Florida clinic owner accused of white collar crime. Federal officials claim the alleged fraud scheme netted approximately $900 million. It is also believed that the clinic owner did not act alone.

Accused of a white collar crime? You need our experience.

Florida defendants typically perceive non-violent crimes as being less serious than allegations such as assault. This is particularly true when it comes to fraud, a so-called white collar crime. Depending on what the fraud entailed and if certain amounts of money were involved, fraud and other white collar crimes can potentially have a serious impact on a person's employability and personal image.

Allegations of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud yield 30 arrests

Dozens of people are in custody of Florida police for their alleged involvement in a scheme to defraud Medicare. The investigation was a joint effort between a local police department and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Charges include conspiring to commit racketeering, racketeering and other charges related to Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Federal drug trafficking investigation results in Florida arrests

One never knows what to expect when federal agents show up wanting to search a residence. Sometimes, several types of law enforcement agencies work together in a combined effort to conduct such operations. Recently, a home was searched, and now authorities say they found evidence of federal drug trafficking inside the Florida home, which resulted in multiple arrests.

Business whiz kid linked to white collar crime in Florida

Sometimes, a business owner can go from the top of his or her game to the bottom of the barrel in what seems like no time at all. Lives of glamour, riches and luxury are turned upside down when troubles involving taxes or bankruptcy hit. This seems to be the case for a young man in Florida who graduated from college, then took the state by storm in the business world, but has since been accused of white collar crime.

Major player in federal drug trafficking incidents pleads guilty

In Florida and throughout the nation, violent crimes are often connected to various drug-related activities. Recently, a man considered by authorities as a major player in federal drug trafficking dealings entered a guilty plea for murder in another state. The hearing was held on a recent Tuesday and reportedly stems from investigations conducted by both Homeland Security Investigations and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Major federal drug trafficking bust took place in Florida

Where drug-related crimes are concerned, situations often involve more than one person. A recent major federal drug trafficking bust went down in Florida that resulted in nearly 20 separate arrests. Reportedly, nine others are still being sought by various authorities in the case.

Jury verdict overturned in mortgage fraud case outside Florida

When a person or company is accused of financial wrongdoing, it does not constitute proof of guilt. Sometimes, even after a situation is ruled upon in court, an appeal may be filed that results in a verdict being overturned. This seems to be the case in a situation that occurred outside Florida, regarding a $1.4 billion mortgage fraud penalty involving Bank of America.

Fighting tax evasion charges in Florida

Being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service is enough to make anyone anxious. Especially in situations where one's financial records may not be in order, it can be quite stressful trying to answer questions regarding possible tax evasion or other alleged financial crimes. Florida residents are advised to secure experienced legal representation before interacting with authorities or government officials concerning such matters.

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