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August 2015 Archives

Former clerk to face white collar crime charges in Florida

A recent case involves a 59-year-old woman who bonded out of jail on a recent Tuesday morning after having been arrested and charged with criminal activity. The woman is accused of white collar crime that allegedly victimized taxpayers in Florida. Law enforcement agents say that they placed the woman under arrest for suspicion of an organized scheme to defraud others.

Men interdicted for federal drug trafficking trial in Florida

The U.S. Coast Guard recently interdicted a boat on the Pacific Ocean. Men on the boat were detained under suspicion of federal drug trafficking. Six men from two different countries were involved in the incident; all will now face the federal courts in Florida.

White collar crime charges filed in Florida

On Aug. 15, 2015, two men were arrested and accused of identity theft in Florida. The incident occurred after police received calls pertaining to credit card fraud. The allegations of white collar crime that were made against the men involve purchases made at a local gas station in Willoughby.

White collar crime accusation in Florida involves musician

A  man who reportedly works as a musician has been accused of a criminal scheme in Florida and has apparently been convicted of similar offenses in another state. The man is a saxophone player and has been accused of running a white collar crime scam that involved a Florida hospice center in Nov. 2011. The allegations against him in Florida were not allowed to be submitted in evidence in the recent court case in another state.

Facing tax evasion charges in Florida

Financial crime investigations can be quite complex and stressful for those accused in Florida. Typically, tax evasion is easily added as one of the criminal charges brought to a case. Many times, an error has been made that appears to incriminate a business or person when, in fact, no crime has actually been committed.

Web acts as impediment to finding white collar crime suspects

A recent article discussed that the World Wide Web is a new frontier of sorts when it comes to certain criminal activities. Some authorities say that finding suspects allegedly involved in white collar crime schemes becomes difficult when the Internet has been the venue of choice for the scams reportedly committed. Whether in Florida or elsewhere, client information is reportedly swapped online, then profits are transmitted via networks using digital forms of currency. 

Strong defense against federal drug trafficking in Florida

In Florida, the potential consequences for conviction of drug-related felonies can be quite severe. Those arrested or charged with federal drug trafficking in the state will most likely benefit from a strong defense that an experienced criminal lawyer can effectively provide. Drug trafficking charges are very serious, and the federal government typically seeks severe penalties in cases that result in conviction.

Is Florida a haven for white collar crime?

Some say that sunny Florida is a dream state, perfect for vacationing or permanent residence. Others, apparently, say that the state is a haven for white collar crime. According to some, it has been a location of under-handed activities since the earliest settlers gathered there.

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