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May 2019 Archives

Here's what you never learned about your Miranda rights on TV

You know the drill: The police detective corners the suspect, the cuffs come out and the detective starts to recite, "You have the right to remain silent..." while he or she is snapping those cuffs into place. You've probably seen it play out a hundred times or more on television police dramas.

Immigrants: Think twice before you get a medical marijuana card

Marijuana use is increasingly accepted by both the American medical community and American society -- whether the use is purely for recreational purposes or has its roots in a medical need. The fact that medical and recreational marijuana are gaining legal ground in numerous states is proof of that.

Women: The new face of inmates

In large part due to changes in marijuana laws, there's been a slight dip in the number of prisoners serving time or awaiting trial in American jails. But this country still incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation -- and many of them are female.

Don't try to outrun a conviction

If you're facing extensive criminal charges for a white collar crime like embezzlement, securities violations, fraud or something similar, it's only natural to feel a host of strong emotions. You may be depressed at the potential penalties and the turn your life has taken. You may be angry at whatever situation started the whole mess. You may be frustrated at the way you are being perceived in the press.

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