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November 2010 Archives

Florida Medicare Fraud Case Settled

Recently, health care fraud has been getting more attention throughout the country. Consequently, prosecutors have been putting more resources into pursuing these types of cases. As this focus increases, we will likely see an increase in the number of these cases brought, and more aggressive pursuit of large settlements from those accused of these crimes.

Report Names Florida a High Risk State For Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud has increasingly become a focus of prosecutors in Florida. This focus will likely become stronger as the state continues to get its name in the news in connection with this type of fraud. An example of such news is a recent study which named Florida one of the highest risk places for mortgage fraud.

Interagency Investigation in Florida Leads to Drug Conviction

Increasingly, enforcement agencies are working together in drug trafficking cases. One way they do this is through running investigations jointly. Also, they are increasingly willing to share information with each other when it comes to pursuing those accused of trafficking. The effects of this cooperation can be seen in a recent Florida drug trafficking case.

IRS Drops Action Against Swiss Bank

There are many ways the IRS attempts to reveal whether tax evasion has occurred. Sometimes, they use carrots, like amnesty programs. And other times they use sticks, like litigation. This week, it appears that the trend may be moving towards carrots.

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