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February 2011 Archives

Guilty plea made by former state worker in tax fraud case

Being accused of tax fraud can have serious consequences. If a person is convicted of this type of crime, he or she can receive a variety of punishments including a prison sentence. This can be seen in the potential penalties a suspect is facing in a tax fraud case from Texas.

Four Swiss bankers face tax evasion charges

Recently, the U.S. government has been stepping up its enforcement efforts against the use of hidden offshore accounts to commit tax evasion. As part of this enforcement, the government will sometimes conduct criminal prosecutions against the banks or bankers that it believes provided these hidden accounts to taxpayers. Such a case has recently arisen in Virginia.

Florida lawyer accused of mortgage fraud

In light of the current mortgage crisis, government authorities have been putting a great deal of focus on real estate fraud enforcement. Thus, the consequences of being accused and convicted of this crime can be quite great. Recently, authorities have brought charges against a Florida man in connection to an alleged instance of mortgage fraud.

Several charged in Florida Medicare fraud case

Government authorities have recently been putting a greater focus on Medicare fraud enforcement. Because of this, authorities can be quite aggressive in their investigations of alleged Medicare fraud schemes. These investigations can lead to multiple people facing criminal charges. For instance, charges have recently been brought against several individuals in a Florida health care fraud case.

Cooperating suspect receives sentence in corruption case

Occasionally, police will rely on a fraud suspect's cooperation when investigating an alleged criminal scheme. Sometimes, this cooperation will result in the suspect in question being given leniency in his or her case. This can be seen in the results of a recent sentencing hearing involving a man who was accused of being involved in a fraud scheme that was connected to a public corruption scandal.

Valentine's Day flowers a target for federal drug searches

One would not usually connect Valentine's Day with drug trafficking enforcement. However, the Valentine's Day season triggers an increase in the use of one drug enforcement method, shipment searches.

Miami brothers top health care fraud "most wanted" list

Federal authorities use a variety of tools in their health care fraud enforcement. For instance, law enforcement will sometimes use tips from the public when investigating or pursuing an individual suspected of fraud crimes. Last Thursday, the federal government released a list that they hope will encourage tips in connection to certain health care fraud cases.

City to use computer program in mortgage fraud enforcement

As we have discussed before, government authorities at both the state and federal level have been getting increasingly aggressive in their mortgage fraud enforcement. This can sometimes lead authorities to use new tools in their pursuit of this type of fraud. Recently, New York City began using a new tool in its mortgage fraud enforcement.

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