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October 2016 Archives

Life becomes a struggle when charged with white collar crime

For many Florida residents, life may be sailing right along as planned until an unexpected turn of events causes the bottom to drop out. When a serious situation arises, goals, dreams or potential successes may come to a screaming halt. Being charged with a white collar crime is one such occurrence that can quickly put a damper one's lifestyle.

Major federal drug trafficking bust north of Florida

A federal judge in a state outside of Florida heard the initial hearings for two men who are charged with serious drug crimes on a recent Friday. Four people in total were arrested in the federal drug trafficking bust. The possible penalties those involved will face if convicted are quite severe.

White collar crime suspects in Florida may relate to article

Not all criminal charges include acts of violence. In fact, white collar crime situations are generally defined as incidents that are non-violent. A recent article discussed various aspects of this type of crime, including what might drive a person in Florida or elsewhere to commit such acts.

Federal drug trafficking incident involves immigrant with warrant

Those accused of crimes in Florida or elsewhere in the United States often face serious challenges as the legal process unfolds before them. Anyone charged with serious crimes, such as federal drug trafficking, typically has a lot at stake. One man is currently facing charges that may compound the potential negative effects of other legal problems he already has.

Facing tax evasion charges in Florida -- no small matter

Being accused of misrepresenting taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service is a serious matter. In Florida and all other states, such situations may be aggressively prosecuted if formal charges are filed in federal court. However, there are plenty of situations where honest mistakes have resulted in apparent misrepresentations. As with other criminal accusations, anyone charged with tax evasion is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

Police to request prosecution, alleged federal drug trafficking

Authorities in a state outside Florida say they will request prosecution by the U.S. Attorney's Office regarding a recent incident. The suspected federal drug trafficking situation unfolded after officers made a traffic stop. Reportedly, they are working with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and are planning to address the case at the federal level.

Woman who owns bus company charged with tax evasion

Many people in Florida and throughout the United States ride buses. A woman in another state, who owns a bus company, has been accused of tax evasion for not reporting income she earned from services her company provided to public schools. In addition, she allegedly concealed monies paid to the company by other clients.

Federal drug trafficking at sea

The U.S. Coast Guard was recently involved in an incident that escalated into a high speed chase at sea. The alleged federal drug trafficking situation necessitated helicopter assistance as the crew attempted to stop a speed boat. Officials say the boat displayed no identifying insignia as to its national origin. The suspects are now in Florida.

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