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August 2016 Archives

Man pleads guilty to white collar crime involving Chevron

When a person is accused of attempting to defraud an employer, the mere accusations may prompt a need to seek defense guidance. If criminal charges are filed, and a conviction handed down in court, penalties may include time in prison. One Florida man, who was working in another state at the time, has admitted to a white collar crime involving ISC Construction, LLC and Chevron USA.

Several indicted for federal drug trafficking

Much like similar incidents in the state of Florida, law enforcement efforts have led to the arrests of at least seven people. Allegations of federal drug trafficking were a central concern of the recent investigation. Each of the persons who were taken into custody will now face the individual charges against themselves.

Man ordered to pay restitution for white collar crime in Florida

Some say Florida is a hub for certain types of crime. Drug-related incidents and white collar crime appear to be problematic throughout the state. A plea agreement was recently submitted regarding various acts of fraud one man committed over a span of several months.

Federal prosecutor says federal drug trafficking linked to deaths

Drug-related crimes appear to be problematic in Florida and other regions. One incident in another state has resulted in several men facing federal drug trafficking charges. They were recently indicted in a federal court.

Seeking defense options when facing white collar crime charges

Some say there has been an increase of certain types of crime in Florida and throughout the United States. In many regions, it appears that white collar crime is on the rise, with charges often filed on suspicion of identity theft, health care fraud, unlawful credit card use and other financial crimes. Merely being accused of such crimes, however, does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down in court.

White collar crime apparently on the rise in Florida

Various types of fraud include stealing the identities of others in order to commit acts that result in personal financial gain. Such acts are commonly referred to as "white collar crime" and are apparently on the rise in various Florida regions. In fact, current data suggests an increase in such crimes of nearly 47 percent in the past 12 months.

Man from Florida admits to white collar crime, could get 10 years

Taking another person's identification information and using it to make purchases or otherwise seek personal financial gain violates federal law. A man in Florida recently pleaded guilty to this type of white collar crime. He is said to have defrauded more than one person.

Building a strong defense against federal drug trafficking

Various laws govern drug-related crimes in Florida. Federal drug trafficking tends to be prosecuted quite aggressively. Anyone facing such charges will want to begin immediately building a strong defense in the hope of minimizing the potential negative consequences the situation might have on one's future.

Florida man accused of white collar crime re identity theft

A man in Florida may not be who everyone thinks he is; almost everyone, that is. His current wife, son and neighbors all received a huge shock recently when they learned that he was being accused of a white collar crime. Law enforcement authorities claim that the man has been living under a stolen identity for the past 20 years.

Federal drug trafficking bust occurs while sheriff is interviewed

It appears there have been several arrests made in the same neighborhood, just days apart. A Florida sheriff was apparently being interviewed by a reporter outside a home, when other law enforcement agents arrived and moved in for an alleged drug bust. Reportedly, federal drug trafficking seems to be a problem in this particular area.

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