Defining types of fraud charges in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Fraud is any deceptive act intended to secure an unfair or unlawful gain. Various Florida offenses fall under the category of fraud.

It is important to understand the types of fraudulent activities if you or a loved one faces these charges.

Identity theft

Identity theft involves the unauthorized use of another person’s personal information for fraud. Examples include using someone else’s credit card or opening financial accounts in their name.

Credit card fraud

This crime occurs when an individual unlawfully uses another person’s credit card information for unauthorized transactions. It may involve physically stealing a credit card or making fraudulent online purchases.

Insurance fraud

This type of fraud includes deceptive practices to get undeserved benefits from insurance companies. It can include exaggerated damages, false claims or staged accidents for financial compensation.

Mortgage fraud

Florida prosecutes deceitful activities within the real estate and mortgage industry. Mortgage fraud can include falsifying documents or providing false information on loan applications.

Securities fraud

Securities fraud involves deceptive practices in the financial markets. Examples include insider trading, manipulating stock prices or providing false information to investors. These activities undermine the integrity of the financial system. As a result, they carry severe legal consequences.

Tax fraud

This category involves intentionally giving false information on their tax returns to evade tax obligations. You can receive these charges for underreporting income or inflating deductions. According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, the average tax fraud conviction involves theft of about $300,000.

Check fraud

Check fraud involves the unlawful use of checks to deceive others for financial gain. It can include writing bad checks or forging signatures to obtain goods without paying.

Florida’s legal system takes a firm stance against fraud to deter dishonest activities. Knowing the details of these crimes can help you avoid prohibited activities or face pending charges.

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