What is driver license fraud?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | White Collar Crime

It is a crime to try to use someone else’s driver’s license or to try to obtain a license in someone else’s name. The law considers this driver license fraud.

The crime can occur in a variety of ways. It is not uncommon for the victim to not know the person who is trying to use their license fraudulently.

How it happens

Driver license fraud occurs when a person uses false documents or someone else’s documents to obtain a license. It becomes driver license fraud once a person attempts to get a state identification card or driver license using the fake or stolen documents.

The associated crimes

Driver license fraud could be a crime under various Florida Statutes. Applicable statutes include sections 322.212, 322.27 (1)(d), 322.32 and 322.33. The person could also face charges for creating false documents, but that is not part of the driver license fraud charge.

Tie in with identity theft

Driver license fraud has close ties to identity theft. It often involves trying to secure government documents in the name of another person with the intent of defrauding that person in some way. The person may use the license to secure credit or to enter contracts because it will act as an official proof of identity in many situations. Once someone has a state-issued license, it can be very easy for them to act as that person.

Florida is trying to combat driver license fraud through the secure license process. The state began increased security measures in 2017 requiring more official documents to get a new license with the goal of deterring fraud.

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