How can you get out of jail on bail?

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If you get arrested, your first thought may be how to get out of jail. If you have never been in jail, you might not know how to do this.

These tips explain what to do if you get arrested.

You might have to pay money to get out of jail

The courts only want to let you out of jail if you promise to attend court hearings. Instead of making you wait in jail until the hearing with a judge, the courts allow you to pay bail. Bail is a cash fee that encourages you to return to court. You can get your money back if you go to all the hearings.

You can pay a bail bond agent if you do not have enough money

Sometimes the amount of bail is more money than you have in cash. In this case, you might work with a bail bond agent. These companies charge you 10% of the bail fee, then pay the bail for you. Sometimes you have to provide collateral, which is the property that bond agents can collect if you do not go to your hearings and the courts do not return their money.

You may get out without paying a fee

Minor crimes may not require you to pay a fee to get out of jail. If you get arrested for a petty crime, the police collect your information for the courts and then let you out of jail. You still have to promise to go to your court hearings. Otherwise, the police can arrest you for skipping court, and you might not get out so quickly the next time.

If you get arrested, know what bail options are available to you.

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