Reality TV stars face charges of tax evasion

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes tax evasion seriously. If they think you did not pay your full share of taxes, they will investigate you heavily. If they feel they have evidence that proves you avoided your taxes, you can face serious federal charges.

Reality television stars Todd and Julie Chrisley face those charges now. Courts indicted the couple on 12 counts of tax evasion, bank fraud and wire fraud.

Indictment claims couple avoided paying income taxes

The couple gained fame on the reality television show “Chrisley Knows Best.” The charges against them claim that they evaded taxes by setting up a production company. The company did not list Todd Chrisley as an owner, but the indictment said that he had control over it. By not listing his name with the company, the indictment says he prevented the IRS from knowing his true income.

The indictment also says that the Chrisleys paid their taxes late for several years. Courts also indicted their accountant, saying that he lied to IRS agents investigating the Chrisleys.

The couple maintains their innocence

The Chrisleys have responded to the allegations, saying that a disgruntled former employee forged several documents to make them appear that they committed fraudulent acts. They now face a long battle with the IRS to prove their innocence.

IRS aggressively investigates tax evasion

If the IRS thinks you have committed tax evasion, they will investigate you. And investigations can come out of simple audits. You may not even know an investigation has started until the IRS files charges.

If you think the IRS has opened an investigation against you for tax evasion, make sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. What the IRS thinks is tax evasion may just be a simple mistake made in error.

Whatever you do, make sure to take charges of tax evasion seriously. The IRS definitely will.

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