Trump administration will be tough on white collar crime.

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A few months into Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans are still trying to gauge exactly how our new president will handle various policy issues. One of the chief areas of speculation is in the area of white collar crime.

Outwardly, President Trump and his team have been vocal about their commitment to cracking down on violent crime in particular, the question remains whether they will be equally tough on white collar crimes.

Differing Opinions

Opinions differ as to the degree of importance the Trump administration will place on prosecuting white collar crimes.

According to Fox News, our new president will be relatively lenient on white collar crime. This position holds that the president’s focus on immigration, drug and violent crime offences will send white collar crimes to the backseat.

The news source cited Alan Dershowitz predicting “a more conservative approach” and Bill Black saying that white collar crime would have a “field day.”

On the other side of the argument, Reuters Business Insider reports that the new administration will not ignore white collar crime. According to the article, Trevor McFadden – deputy assistant attorney general at the Justice Department – said “I intend to dispel that myth. He said that the administration will not neglect white collar crime prosecution, even with the push to crack down on violent crimes and immigration law violations.

What This Means for You

Whether or not the Trump administration really does crack down on white collar crimes, the approach for any individual or company stays mostly the same. Either way, if you or your company is facing charges, the best approach is the same as it always has been: Work with an experienced lawyer.

As the laws change and different administrations pick up different points of emphasis, it is always the dedicated, skilled lawyer who defends businesses and individuals charged with crimes. There is nothing more important than working with counsel you can trust to protect your rights.

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