Federal drug trafficking incident involves immigrant with warrant

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Those accused of crimes in Florida or elsewhere in the United States often face serious challenges as the legal process unfolds before them. Anyone charged with serious crimes, such as federal drug trafficking, typically has a lot at stake. One man is currently facing charges that may compound the potential negative effects of other legal problems he already has.

Reportedly, an investigation combined efforts between a special units division of a local police department in another state and a division of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency. The drug sting is said to have included search warrants that led investigators to a particular apartment. They claim that while searching the apartment, they found illegal drugs worth at least $4 million on the street.

A 34-year-old man in the apartment immediately became a suspect. Authorities say he was found with approximately 95 pounds of crystal methamphetamine in the residence. The man apparently has other unresolved problems with the law, including several outstanding federal warrants. Federal immigration authorities also say they had been searching for the same man, reportedly in connection with another incident that resulted in deportation.

In Florida and all other states, prosecutors are generally aggressive when it comes to cases involving federal drug trafficking crimes. Often, a defendant’s only hope of securing a positive outcome in court hinges on securing on experienced and skilled criminal defense. Someone who has already gone to battle for others in high profile situations typically has a keen understanding of how to employ effective defense strategies to combat any tactics the prosecution may use against a client.

Source: ajc.com, “$4M in crystal meth seized during drug sting in Alpharetta”, Geoffery A. Cooper, Oct. 15, 2016

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