Federal drug trafficking investigation results in Florida arrests

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | White Collar Crime

One never knows what to expect when federal agents show up wanting to search a residence. Sometimes, several types of law enforcement agencies work together in a combined effort to conduct such operations. Recently, a home was searched, and now authorities say they found evidence of federal drug trafficking inside the Florida home, which resulted in multiple arrests.

The recent search and seizure resulted in 11 arrests. It was on a Thursday when police, a K-9 unit and a county narcotics unit entered the home. The execution of the warrant led to arrests of people ages 19 through 45.

Most of the defendants are charged with possession of a control substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. At least one person is accused of violating probation. Authorities say that they found a substantial amount of heroin, pills and methamphetamine in the home.

Although multiple people in Florida might be arrested at the same time in connection with federal drug trafficking accusations, one cannot assume to know the outcome of a particular case before it goes to trial. Often, a skilled attorney can do much to help a client achieve as positive an outcome as possible. Through thorough investigation and private discussion, the events leading up to an arrest can be disclosed, after which an attorney may determine that there are grounds for challenging a portion or all of the seized alleged evidence in court. If such a challenge is successful, a judge may rule that evidence inadmissible and could even dismiss the entire case.

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