What to do if accused of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2016 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Some people are currently facing criminal charges in Florida that are connected with allegations of white collar crimes. Medicare and Medicaid Fraud are among some of the most common types of offenses listed among this type of crime. A recent incident involves a group of men who are accused of wrongdoing with regard to a certain after-school program with which they were allegedly associated.

Apparently, authorities claim that the four men were supposedly in charge of running an after-school program together. Allegedly, they gathered personal information from participating families in order to commit fraudulent acts. Investigators say that the men used the information to file bogus Medicaid claims and used the monies collected to fund extravagant lifestyles for themselves.

Reportedly, one woman had signed up for services provided by the after-school program to obtain rides to her medical appointments. She now claims that the men stole her personal information. The woman asked to remain anonymous. 

One of those accused is said to be a licensed teacher and counselor in the state. Another is a preacher. The two others facing charges in the alleged fraud scheme are a counselor licensed in Georgia and a Medicaid employee. 

The man who reportedly works for Medicaid is accused of using his employment to keep the supposed fraud scheme under wraps. The group of men allegedly collected hundreds of thousands in false claim monies. Anyone facing similar legal challenges regarding Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Florida will want to retain immediate legal representation in the matter so as to potentially increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court. Being charged with a crime is never a guarantee of conviction, and a strong defense is often crucial in confronting the accusations successfully.

Source: wftv.com, “9 Investigates: Group formed fake after-school program to commit Medicaid fraud“, Monique Valdes, Feb. 4, 2016

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