Florida law enforcement agents accused of white collar crime

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A federal investigation remains ongoing surrounding the alleged actions of a group of law enforcement officers in Florida. They are accused of white collar crime that involves suspected money laundering. The 12 officers were apparently part of a joint task force whose mission was to disrupt criminal groups.

Allegations against the officers state that they laundered more than $55 million for various well-known drug cartels. They are accused of pocketing more than $2 million for themselves. The task force reportedly used illicitly obtained funds to pay for expenses as they traveled across the nation on various assignments.

The task force members are also accused of striking deals with drug regimes between 2010 and 2012. Records indicate that those involved funneled drug money out of the country to be “washed” and sent back to the United States. Investigators claim that the officers charged drug dealers tens of thousands of dollars in commissions every month.

Several of those suspected of receiving such monies in Venezuela include high-profile personalities, such as Rodolfo Rashid Velasco, the suspected leader of one of the largest known organized drug cartels. Money laundering is a serious white collar crime, typically prosecuted very aggressively by the federal government. The outcome of a case is not to be assumed, however, since various factors and defense strategies may affect the court’s decision. Those in Florida who find themselves under investigation for such activity may seek legal guidance by contacting an attorney in the area who has experience in defending clients against major federal charges.

Source: mintpressnews.com, “Florida Police Under Investigation For Laundering $55.6 Million For Drug Cartels“, Dec. 30, 2015

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