Is Florida the white collar crime capital of the nation?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2015 | White Collar Crime

A prosecutor recently stated that Florida is the identity theft capital of the nation. Being accused of a white collar crime, such as theft of identity, can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person’s private and professional reputations, regardless of whether the accusations end in a conviction. However, allegations of crime do not constitute guilt. One is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

Any person facing charges for an alleged illegal action hs the right to consult with a criminal lawyer before proceeding to court. In a recent incident, a 26-year-old man was sentenced to prison for his involvement in a scheme that involved stealing Social Security numbers. The information was reportedly used to file fraudulent tax returns.

Being sentenced to time in prison is a serious penalty resulting from being convicted of a crime. Prison time causes families to become separated, leading to many additional stressful situations. Therefore, it is typically prudent to act under the guidance of an experienced legal professional in such cases. He or she can help one determine all the options available.

After the man’s 10-year prison sentence was announced in the courtroom, the man’s family members could be heard crying aloud in anguish. A Florida criminal lawyer can ensure that anyone facing similar charges and consequences for white collar crime allegations has not had his or her rights violated under the law. An experienced attorney will act with his or her client’s best interests in mind in light of impending charges.

Source:, “West Palm man sentenced to 10 years in identity theft scheme”, Jane Musgrave, Oct. 5, 2015

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