Men interdicted for federal drug trafficking trial in Florida

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Federal Drug Trafficking

The U.S. Coast Guard recently interdicted a boat on the Pacific Ocean. Men on the boat were detained under suspicion of federal drug trafficking. Six men from two different countries were involved in the incident; all will now face the federal courts in Florida.

The Coast Guard indicated that more than 34 metric tons of cocaine have been seized through 23 recent interdictions at sea. The four Ecuadorians and two Colombians who were detained now await trial in federal court in Miami. Those who have been updated on the case have reported that several of the men involved plan to enter not guilty pleas pending trial.

Detainees who have been apprehended on boats sailing the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean seas have been brought to Florida for trial. Some defendants have claimed that their detentions were unlawful. The six men recently detained were interdicted on separate operations. The attorney for one of the men has adamantly professed his client’s innocence, saying that he had never even been outside his native country before and that the boat he was on was not headed for the United States when it was intercepted

When federal drug trafficking charges are filed against someone, he or she might be confused and even intimidated as preparations for trial are made. Contacting an attorney in Florida who is experienced in handling federal drug cases might prove beneficial if one has questions or concerns about the impending process. Retaining the assistance of a legal advocate can bring about clarification of the issues and help in determining all options that might be available in an individual case.

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