Florida white collar crime sometimes involves tax fraud

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In certain Florida counties, new rules were set in place regarding the cashing of tax refund checks. The order is said to have been issued by the U.S. Treasury Department. Federal authorities have stated that the new policies were enacted to help prevent white collar crime in the area.

Under the new regulations, any person attempting to cash a tax refund check in excess of $1,000 in the designated counties will first have to have his or her photograph taken. He or she will also have to submit to a thumb print. Additionally, a person cashing a refund of more than $1,000 will also have to provide his or her personal telephone number.

The new rules regarding check cashing in the noted areas will reportedly take effect from Aug. 3, 2015 through Jan. 30, 2016. According to some reports, identity theft and tax fraud has become rampant in the Florida county areas. Authorities hope that making customers go through greater scrutiny in order to cash checks of significant amounts will help reduce the number of identity and tax crimes.

Those who find themselves on the other side of this issue in Florida (meaning, those accused of tax fraud or identity theft) are protected by law with the right to consult a legal professional for guidance and criminal defense assistance in court. Jurisprudence throughout the nation presumes a person’s innocence unless proved guilty in court. Because of the nature of white collar crime, issues surrounding charges of such activity can be complex and complicated for those attempting to navigate the system. Obtaining advice and guidance from an experienced attorney would most likely be beneficial to anyone preparing to face such charges in court.

Source: local10.com, “U.S. stiffens check-cashing rules to fight South Florida fraud”, Olivia Courtney, July 13, 2015

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