Physicians accused of drug crime still have hope

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Federal Drug Trafficking

Are you a medical professional who is facing criminal charges after allegedly illegally distributing prescription drugs? Florida practitioners can easily find themselves in legal hot water, even if they are entirely innocent and have never committed a drug crime. With an increase in both federal and state enforcement, medical professionals can never be too cautious when it comes to managing their criminal investigation. An experienced legal team is your best ally if you are facing severe penalties for a drug-related violation.

Prescription drug crimes are considered to be just as serious as those involving more traditional drugs of abuse such as marijuana and cocaine. In fact, some prescription medications are actually far stronger than these street drugs, resulting in serious physical and mental health consequences for those who use them. As a result, federal authorities are cracking down on professionals who are suspected of distributing prescription medication.

A federal distribution charge is very serious and should be carefully managed to promote a favorable outcome. Defendants who are accused of committing this type of violation should not feel hopeless; in fact, they have several legal options that can improve the outcome of their criminal cases. If you never consult a qualified attorney, however, you may never know the nature of these options.

A federal drug trafficking charge does not have to derail your medical or pharmacy practice. Even if you are under criminal investigation and are facing serious penalties, there is still hope. Pain clinic workers and individual physicians are not automatically considered guilty simply because they are arrested for distributing unnecessary prescription medication.

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