White collar crime increasingly includes Internet-based violation

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2014 | White Collar Crime

Although we often think of Internet crime as it relates to child pornography or “hacking” international documents, the fact remains that much white collar crime is perpetrated through the technological platforms available on the Web. More and more white collar crime defendants are facing some sort of Internet crime charges along with their more traditional allegations. As laws in Florida and other states catch up with current technology, it is becoming increasingly critical for defendants to understand the implications of the Internet crimes of which they are accused.

Computer crimes are sometimes referred to as a “new frontier” for criminal defense. So far, the federal government has had some difficulty indicting defendants of white collar crime — and convictions are even more rare. This has been largely because of a lack of legal precedent related to online violations.

Now, however, “cyber crime” is a hot-button issue for legislators and authorities alike. Agencies are increasingly concerned with Internet-based violations such as identity theft, Internet gambling, money laundering and a variety of other violations. Even copyright violations and the sale of illegal drugs are reaching prominence in the online community.

If you are facing federal crimes because of alleged online indiscretions, it is critical to secure the assistance of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. This is even true for those individuals who have not been formally charged but are considered “persons of interest” by federal or state investigators. Your attorney can help you create the most effective criminal defense plan based upon the attributes of your individual case. No two Internet crime cases are exactly the same, which is why a knowledgeable legal team is needed to develop a customized approach and minimize the effect of federal charges upon your professional and personal life. Learn more about white collar crime on our webpage.

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