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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, many homeowners are increasingly falling victim to a new variant of subprime loan scams. Typically, these scams occur after homeowners find themselves experiencing difficulty making monthly mortgage payments because of an adjustable rate mortgage. In many of those cases, homeowners will turn to individuals offering to pay their mortgage in exchange for a slight monthly fee until the homeowner is financially able to resume normal payments.

Sadly, investigators say the fees collected in these subprime loan scams are often pocketed by the individual who extended the so-called loan to the homeowner and then simply walks away without addressing the original problem.

If you are a Florida resident currently facing charges of mortgage fraud, you may be unaware that even in small cases the FBI is often called upon to gather the evidence that will be used against you. This can put you at a serious disadvantage. The FBI can bring to bear dozens of forensic accountants, financial analysts and other financial services experts to help sift through reams of paperwork in order to establish a case against you.

In 2008, the FBI disclosed that they had over 1,200 mortgage fraud cases open across the nation. That represented a 40 percent jump in cases they handled than in the previous year. It’s very likely that the agency has increased the number of their investigations since that time.

At our law firm offices in Miami, we only handle federal cases, most of them involving white-collar fraud. That means that we are able to focus our vast experience on just a select group of clients. That laser focus allows us to challenge the prosecution’s case on behalf of our clients using specific defensive strategies hand-tailored for each case. To learn more, please visit our mortgage fraud criminal defense webpage.

Source: Law Offices of Frank A. Rubino, Esq., “Mortgage Fraud/Real Estate Fraud” Sep. 15, 2014

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