Drug trafficking bust results in Winter Garden raid

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Individuals accused of crimes often have bases in multiple states. This requires cooperation among the officials of those states in order to investigate, gather evidence, and build a case. This happened in a recent drug crime situation where the man accused has ties to both Florida and California.

The man owns a medical practice in Orange County. He has been under investigation for drug trafficking and racketeering for some time. The investigation led authorities to another medical facility the man is associated with, the Pain Care Place of Central Florida. That establishment, located on South Dillard Street, was raided on Thursday by agents representing both the Florida Department of Health and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation.

The raid led to the accused man being led away in handcuffs. He protested that he had not done anything wrong. However, authorities felt that they had grounds for the arrest and took him in a police car to the Orange County Jail.

Those authorities contend that large amounts of drugs were being prescribed illegally at the Pain Care Palace. Key drugs included in their statement were morphine, Oxycodone, and hydromorphone. They say that illegal drug sales out of the clinic were so extensive that over 10,000 controlled substances were sold illegally in just two days in October 2013.

The man at the center of this case is accused of exhorting a Pain Care Place doctor to illegally prescribe medication. That included falsely signing forms. According to the accusations, the exhortation entailed threats of withholding her pay and the pay of office assistants that the business depended on.

This case involves a defendant needing to address extensive charges involving large amounts of drugs. Other drug crime accusations will involve varying amounts. Anyone accused of one may want to consult with an experienced attorney.

Source: MyNews13.com, “Winter Garden pain clinic raided in drug trafficking bust” Bailey Myers, May. 08, 2014

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