Miami Man Faces Charges In Connection To Health Care Fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2010 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Health care fraud prosecutions can involve much more than one set of charges brought against one person or company. Authorities often won’t just pursue charges against those believed to be the main perpetrators of a fraud, but also against others connected to the fraud. This can be seen in the most recent set of charges brought in relation to a Florida health care fraud case.

The case concerns an alleged health care fraud scheme involving three Florida companies. The owners of the three companies were all charged with fraud. The owners all pled guilty, and were each given jail sentences of around three years.

With the owners of the allegedly fraudulent companies charged, convicted and sentenced, authorities have moved on to pursuing other people connected to the scheme. That is what has led to the most recent set of charges.

The new charges involve a Miami man. He has been charged with money laundering. The man has been accused of laundering the funds the three companies obtained through health care fraud. The man allegedly would withdraw money from the companies in small increments, in order to avoid reporting requirements. He is accused of laundering over a million dollars in this fashion.

These most recent charges show how fraud cases can sometimes take on a spider web quality. Prosecutions of one set of fraud charges will sometimes lead prosecutors to pursue charges against other individuals for crimes connected to the initial fraud. This is particularly the case in today’s environment, where prosecutors are being more aggressive at pursuing fraud crimes at all levels.

Source: South Florida Business Journal, “Miami man indicted in million-dollar fraud,” 15 Dec 2010

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