Bloody Nose Leads To Florida Couple Being Arrested For Fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2010 | White Collar Crime

Law enforcement uses a wide variety of sources and tools in pursuing individuals accused of crimes. Thus, information which leads to an arrest can sometimes come from an unusual series of events. This can be seen in a recent white collar crimes case, where a bloody nose and a pacemaker led to the arrest of a Florida couple.

The couple was wanted for fraud. The husband and wife had owned a title insurance company. They were accused of using client money for personal use. Authorities claim that millions of dollars were stolen by the couple in this fashion.

Federal charges were brought against the couple for fraud. Law enforcement had been searching for the couple for over two years. It is now believed that, during this time, the couple had been living in Colorado under assumed names. Their discovery started innocuously enough, with a bloody nose.

This month, the husband reportedly suffered a bloody nose and went to a local hospital in Colorado. While he was there, hospital staff discovered that the man was not who he said he was. It is believed that the hospital discovered the man’s true identity due to his pacemaker. The hospital has not revealed the exact circumstances of this discovery. The police were then contacted, and the man and his wife were arrested.

This case illustrates how law enforcement relies on a wide variety of different sources when they pursue white collar crimes. These sources aren’t always the ones you would expect. For instance, who would have thought that a bloody nose and a pacemaker would lead to arrests?

Source: The Durango Herald, “Pacemaker busts Florida fugitives,” Shane Benjamin, 20 Dec 2010

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