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You’ve been arrested on international drug charges. These are complicated cases, and you could end up with a lengthy prison sentence, serious fines or both. You need help. Attorney Frank Rubino has handled many cases like yours and he knows how to win. He will fight for you and help you out of this situation.

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Areas Of Risk In International Drug Trafficking Charges

International trade presents a number of risks for criminal prosecution. Some risks relate to laws specific to the products being imported or exported (for example, drugs, weapons, plant materials).

Another area of risk for exposure to criminal charges relates to the manner in which business is conducted, which can result in charges of money laundering, violations of financial regulations regarding the transfer of money across borders, and actions covered under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

An Exceptional Track Record

Attorney Rubino’s international criminal defense record is one that few can match. He has argued before the World Court at The Hague and the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as various international criminal courts. Among his well-known cases:

  • He served as lead trial counsel for Panamanian General Manuel Noriega in his defense against federal criminal charges and in a civil action before the United States Supreme Court.
  • He defended members of the Medellin and Cali drug cartels against international drug trafficking charges.
  • He served as defense attorney for Manuel Pena, of the Dominican Republic, achieving an acquittal on federal drug trafficking charges.

If you face international drug trafficking charges for transporting narcotics across U.S. borders from Mexico, by air or sea from Colombia, or from other South or Central American countries such as Peru, Honduras, Panama or Nicaragua, you need a strong advocate. Contact the Houston or Miami law offices of Frank Rubino

Extradition Defense

It is routine for citizens of other countries to be charged with violating U.S. laws, even if they have never been in the United States. If the U.S. government is seeking to extradite you to the U.S., work with local counsel to avoid extradition but also have a plan in place to obtain strong and experienced defense if you are extradited to the U.S.

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