When You Face Serious Charges, You Need A Highly Qualified Attorney

A felony drug crime is a serious charge, carrying fines and prison time with a conviction in most cases.

You need strong, aggressive defense. Attorney Frank Rubino has decades of experience defending clients throughout the nation against all types of drug crimes. He can help you. Call 866-718-3994 now.

For more than 30 years, drug crimes defense lawyer Frank Rubino has been tackling the most challenging, high-profile felony drug cases. He has offices in Houston and Miami, and clients across the country and around the world. Mr. Rubino focuses his law practice on defending clients facing first-degree felony drug charges for large amounts of cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin and illegal prescription drugs.

Mr. Rubino has excelled in defending clients in large-scale felony drug crimes cases in Florida and in federal courts throughout the U.S. He had handled many newsworthy cases. He helped defendant Dewey Davis receive an acquittal on a charge of drug importation for 150 kilos of cocaine. He served as the defense attorney in the largest cocaine trafficking case and the largest cocaine importation by air case in Houston’s history (to that date).

Types Of Felony Charges

Most cases involving the possession of controlled substances, illegal narcotics or illegal possession of prescription drugs will be charged as a felony crime in either state or federal courts. There are three degrees of felony drug crimes:

  • A first-degree felony is the most serious and can result in five to 99 years in prison.
  • A second-degree felony can result in two to 20 years in prison
  • A third-degree felony can result in two to 10 years in prison

Understanding Felony Charges

The decision to charge your case as a first-, second- or third-degree felony depends upon the type of drug and the amount of drugs believed to be in your “possession.” Aggravating factors that can significantly bump up the criminal charges against you include:

  • Trafficking drugs across state or national borders
  • Weapons present at the scene of the drug bust
  • The involvement of a known gang or “criminal enterprise”

Contact A Defense Attorney For Felony Drug Crimes Cases

If you have been charged with a felony drug crime, contact Mr. Rubino to schedule a consultation. Contact his office online or call toll free at 866-718-3994.

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