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If you are facing criminal charges related to large-scale illegal arms sales, arms smuggling or arms trafficking, you need an experienced defense attorney who understands the stakes and can form a strong defense. You need someone with the decades of experience of international arms trafficking defense lawyer Frank Rubino.

Attorney Frank Rubino can provide you with the benefit of all this experience, earned over more than 30 years as a successful, high-profile criminal defense lawyer. Do not settle for anything less. The stakes are too high. Call 866-718-3994.

From his home office in Miami, Mr. Rubino has represented government leaders and internationally recognized figures from places throughout the world in U.S. federal courts. His clients have come from Mexico, Colombia, and other Central and South American countries. Among his successful arms-related cases:

  • He was lead trial counsel for General Mounir Fahmy, the head of the Egyptian Air Force who faced charges of attempted exportation of 400 TOW missiles to Uganda.
  • He worked on the defense team that helped Lamen Khalifa Fhimah gain an acquittal of charges related to the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, before the World Court at The Hague.

International Arms Trafficking

The U.S. provides weapons — legally and illegally — to much of the world. Though state and federal law enforcement attempt to tightly control the flow of arms within the U.S. and across our borders, millions of dollars in automatic weapons and arms of all sizes are trafficked yearly. International drug trafficking typically involves narcotics traveling north and weapons traveling south.

The criminal law practice of international crime defense attorney Frank Rubino represents clients in the most serious felony criminal cases in U.S. federal and international courts. Many of the firm’s cases involve high-level drug crimes in which a large number of weapons are present, whether those weapons were used or simply moved from country to country.

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