Major federal drug trafficking bust north of Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Federal Drug Trafficking

A federal judge in a state outside of Florida heard the initial hearings for two men who are charged with serious drug crimes on a recent Friday. Four people in total were arrested in the federal drug trafficking bust. The possible penalties those involved will face if convicted are quite severe.

The situation began when federal agents noticed a trailer being parked at a garage that was supposedly leased by one of the men later arrested. Investigators say they saw the four men arrive at the scene. At some point, officers claim that items they believed to be holding cocaine were being unloaded from secret compartments underneath the trailer.

Reportedly, one of the men placed two duffel bags into a vehicle, then drove away from the site. He was later pulled over by police. When officers searched the duffel bags, they allegedly found wet money inside. Following the traffic stop, another search was conducted back at the garage where the trailer was parked.

In all, authorities say that at least 119 pounds of cocaine, more than $42,000 in cash and a firearm were seized. The minimum possible penalty for a conviction of the federal drug trafficking charges these men now face stands at 10 years, and the maximum penalty is life in prison. Whether in Florida or elsewhere, anyone facing such serious charges will undoubtedly want to seek guidance from an attorney who has represented other high-profile cases. Often, a successful outcome in court hinges upon an experienced and aggressive defense, which can be provided by a legal professional who has represented others in similar situations who understands the system and knows how to combat tactics employed by the prosecution.

Source:, “119 pounds of cocaine and stacks of cash recovered in Newport News drug bust“, Melissa Stephenson, Oct. 21, 2016

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