Life becomes a struggle when charged with white collar crime

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | White Collar Crime

For many Florida residents, life may be sailing right along as planned until an unexpected turn of events causes the bottom to drop out. When a serious situation arises, goals, dreams or potential successes may come to a screaming halt. Being charged with a white collar crime is one such occurrence that can quickly put a damper one’s lifestyle.

Although, white collar offenses are typically non-violent incidents, they often involve money, taxes or private information. Being accused of such crimes can do a lot of damage to a person’s reputation, even if the person accused manages to avoid conviction. Money laundering, tax evasion and identity theft situations often involve lengthy investigations before any charges are filed or arrests made.

As soon as one becomes aware that he or she has been named in an investigation, a call can be placed to a criminal defense attorney to request assistance. During an investigation, an experienced attorney can begin to gather information in order to build a strong defense, should it be needed at any time. An attorney also knows how to spot evidence that can possibly be used to challenge any charges that may later be filed against a suspect.

Frank A. Rubino, Esq. serves clients in Florida and throughout the nation. He has defended very high-profile cases at both state and federal levels. Getting your life back on track after facing white collar crime charges may be easier if you have acted alongside skilled and experienced support. If you have a particular situation you’d like to discuss, you may do so by contacting our office to arrange a meeting.

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